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The project is a unique business opportunity centred on buying original art work, with the view to a sound investment and producing income from commission on sales.  We are then able to allocate the additional income generated to 1) our Strategic Philanthropy program (to help those in need in the community and help fund special projects) and 2) a % of commission on sales back to our project membership base. 

The art work for sale will be offered by talented art students and provides a means of income for them, income for distibution to those in need within the community and income for our participating members for referal of new sales.

The 3butterflies project is a unique creative philanthropic opportunity designed not only to give financial help to those in need but also provide benefits to the donor.  We need no longer have to rely solely on the individual wealth of the few but we can all participate in helping others with our program and benefit from doing so.  In buying art work, the donor now has an investment that can increase in value over time and also share in the commissions from the purchases by others in the membership group.   

Membership in 3butterflies project is free (refer to Member benefits) and participation in the project is through the purchase of original Art Works.  The proceeds from all art sales are divided between: –

  1. the artist and/or owner offering the work for sale,
  2. the donations panel for allocation and
  3. participating membership group as share of commission for sale. 

I hope you find something of interest and if so, we would appreciate your comments, suggestions, recommendations and/or any involvement you may see as appropriate.  Become a member today but better still become a participating member by the purchase of any artwork listed in the Gallery 1, and learn how by doing this, you will be helping others who might be in need within the community.

Remember it only takes a group of committed people each doing just a little, and a geat deal can be achieved  – so get involved today and let us know your thoughts on helping others.  Who  do you think you would nominate for help from our group, individuals and/or charities?  Let us know what suggestions you may have for improvement of the project and importantly if you would like to become involved.

part of manyHi my name is Peter Shanahan and I’m part of the project management team – but for this project to succeed we need more like-minded people to join us.  You can obtain all our relevant information on the contact us page.  Please bookmark this site as it will be updated on a regular basis with changes to the galleries and available work as well as articles, reports and information. 

Thanks once again – the 3butterflies project management team.

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